Starting my work on a new project called BearTasks

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    Hi friends,

    I am sure you are all doing great. I was thinking about a project idea and I have got it.
    There are many simple tasks, which can make a huge difference, for example "like a post", make a comment, review a product, raise voice for a cause, record protest against something

    These simple actions or tasks take not more than a minute of your time yet they can make a huge difference.
    What if you have an application where you can do these kinds of things, and pay people in BEARS who participate in them.


    An application where you can start a project which consists of a simple task and where members can participate to get a reward in BSD


    A person X starts a project
    title: Tweet #bilalhaider is my king.. :p
    estimated time: 2 minutes

    1) login to your twitter account
    2) make a tweet with this text "Bilal Haider is my king #bilalhaider"
    3) send me a screenshot of it
    4) You will earn 1000 BSD for it

    and anyone who completes the task, gets paid by the person who started the project.

    We can have a desktop as well as a web application for this project.

    Let me know guys what you think about this idea,
    and whether or not you want to donate me something :D to encourage me to work on it.

    Bilal Haider

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      wow, it's great project, now we can promote anything from bearshares.

      This is really great product


      yes I think, it is an awesome idea.

      Idea is really great i love it thanks gor sharing with us.


      you are welcome :)

      Your ideas is great! I think it will make bearshares more popular.


      I hope so :)

      when will start this project, or you are working on it


      I will start my work on it, by tomorrow, I am just refining the idea a little more.