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in bearstore •  10 days ago

    Hi Friends,

    I am speeding up the process, I have completed 3 more modules in past 8 hours

    1. Shops View
    2. Update a Shop
    3. Pagination in Shops View

    in shops view of a user, can see his/her created shops and click edit button on shop to update it's information.
    That's how shops view looks like

    1. I have created 4 shops here. and I can update shops.
    2. notice the pagination, yes it is also implemented.

    Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-47-48.png

    And that's how edit a shop view looks like
    Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-46-50.png

    These modules are complete
    means I have implemented backend + front end + integrated + dealt with user inputs + a lot of other crap :p

    I had to implement two methods to do these modules

    1. get_shop_by_id
    2. update_shop

    Bilal Haider

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