Create a Shop Module ==> Complete

in bearstore •  11 days ago

    Hi friends,

    During the past two days, I worked on Create a shop module.

    This module consists upon three things

    => front end View
    => back end method to create a shop
    => verifications and validations of user inputs :o

    I have completed this 100% :)

    Here is the flow of the execution process (this is what happens when someone fills the form to create a shop and hits create shop button)

    => validate user inputs (title, description etc is valid)
    => verify user's authority
    => check whether or not profile exists for the user
    => get costing properties
    => check whether or not user has enough balance to pay for shop creation
    => dispatch fee deduction method
    => finally create the shop :)

    during this flow, I perform various checks, and create many data variables.
    i.e time, shop id etc :p

    I realized it is better idea to implement a module/feature in complete at a time .. rather then implementing backend and frontend separately

    Screenshot from 2020-02-13 03-15-34.png

    Yes, I can use this module to create shops. :)

    Next ==> Shop View

    Next step is to create a view, where user can see the shops he/she has created :)

    Bilal Haider

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