introduce Myrself

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    Hi all!

    I would like to introduce myself on this platform, hopefully we can establish the name of friendship.

    My name is Fauzil Mubarraq

    My tribe is the Acehnese tribe

    Aceh is an area at the tip of the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

    I have completed my education up to level one. and now I am active in teaching children, young people, and also parents.

    I teach what I know.

    I have a lot of knowledge that I have to share and I look again to develop what I have learned so far.

    I'm also actively looking for Airdrops Token Crypto.

    There are many communities and friends that we face.

    I love adventure in the common sense. Adventure will bring its benefits

    A man with many children no longer needs to prove that he is a male.

    You have to want to write to get a lot of bear tokens.

    You definitely get it by uploading lots of pictures and still being a writer.

    You do not be afraid of the price of the Bear token. What you notice is that you can reap as many tokens as possible.

    I love songs and music

    I like women

    and love them

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      Welcome to Bearshares.

      welkom .. tu bir shares

      Halo @elbarak-bear, kami mengucapkan selamat datang di Bearshares. Jangan lupa menulis dalam Bahasa Indonesia dan memakai tagar #teamindonesia. Terima kasih.

      Selamat datang di kandang beruang. Mari saling follow dan upvote agar Bearshares tambah maju.

      Wel come too