My Introductory Post - Bearshares...

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    Hi Bearshares!

    Today I just joined Bearshares and I want to introduce myself first. 

    My name is Artemio, I am a Father having three children and a loving wife.

    I also work in a prestigious company program. 

    My goal to join here is to share information about my Christian life and other  social activities. 

    I Believe that one of my purpose in life is to help other people to succeed by means of contributing my knowledge and skills that I’ve learned,  and firstly that come to our awesome God that inspired me of His word.  

    Because I believe that every person has a unique and valuable gift that are meant to be shared.    

    And I’m willing to learn and to help other people to break the Boundaries that will bring you to get the best result. 

    And this is the beginning of my journey here in Bearshares towards the most exciting part in our life.

    Remember: Ecclesiastes 3:1          

    There is a time for everything,          

    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

    This is our time, let's do it...


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      Welcome to bearshares.


      Thank you dsatria...

      Really good to see you. Welcome on board.


      Thank you maxwell-marcus for warm welcome...