2019 Little League World Series

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    Hi Friends,

    The 2019 Little League World Series begins this week in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, after a number of preliminary events to get the teams into the main event. Teams from around the globe will be competing to be crowned the champion.

    I always enjoy watching the tournament a little, and it reminds me of the good old days of my youth where baseball was so fun and a big part of growing up. I mostly played catcher, but also played some 3rd base and pitched.

    The West Regional Final was held last week, and the finals were played down the road from me in San Bernardino, CA. I didn’t make it to any of the games this year, but my in-laws did and had a good time. Here is a picture they sent from the final game where Hawaii ended up punching their ticket to the Little League World Series:


    Perhaps I am biased now, but after watching the West Regional Finals, I am pulling for Hawaii in the LLWS. The Hawaiian team is not the biggest or strongest, but they have a lot of heart and have overcome a lot of odds just to get to the tournament. Due to their seclusion on the Island of Hawaii, their chance to compete and play in tournaments is limited as travel is costly and there are only so many teams on the island… it makes for a lot of practice, but not as much real game experience.

    In case you are interested, here is the schedule for this year’s LLWS: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/baseball/news/little-league-world-series-2019-schedule-bracket-dates-live-stream-llws-games/15q5ag9pweuse12unp2o1fdd9g

    I hope you get to watch a little of the 2019 Little League World Series this year!

    Thanks for coming by today,

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      Looks like a fun time!

      Do we need to verify ages with any of these kids???