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    Hi Friends,

    This post is an entry into the weekly contest of @socalsteemit where we show our California.

    A few days ago, I was able to take the kids over to the LA Auto Show at the convention center in downtown Los Angeles. One of the nice things about being in a big city (or at least the area around the big city) is there are lots of special events happening.

    I don’t consider myself a car enthusiast nor am I particularly knowledgeable on the maintenance of vehicles outside of changing the oil or a tire, but I do like cars and trucks and love driving. The LA Auto show showcased the new fleet of 2020 vehicles from the major auto manufactures and some less known ones.

    It was originally just going to be my son and I, but my wife was not feeling well so we took my 2 year old daughter too. As you can imagine, there wasn’t too much for kids to do, but we still managed to have a good time and I would say that it was worth it.

    Here are the kids next the Kyle Busch’s race car (he was the 2019 Nascar Cup Series Champion):




    Tesla was not there showcasing anything, but I did find this electric truck that is actually a truck and looks pretty sweet. Tesla will be well behind when they finally launch their Cybertruck in late 2022:


    Here was the new 2020 all electric Ford Mustang Mach E:


    I also found my next truck (in my dreams):


    Or maybe this truck will do 🤔:


    There were lots of great sports cars as well... here are a few:




    The new Land Rover Defender had some buzz around it:


    This Jeep was also pretty sweet... I had to refrain from making an impulse purchase on this bold truck:



    We had a good time!

    Thanks for coming by,

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