Referral rewards paid = #07

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    Here is a list of promoters and number of users they have invited using their referral links,
    You can also see, how much amount of BEARS was paid to them. next to their names.

    In round #07, total 204 new users were registered, and 10200 BEARS was paid to promoters

    If you also want to promote bearshares, you can also get 50 BEARS for every person you will invite to bearshares
    visit this link to see promoters ranking board

    You can also get your referral link from the same link, mentioned above.
    or just copy this link and replace it with your username

    Username||| Total invites ||| Already paid ||| Difference ||| Amount paid in #07


    Bilal Haider

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      Thank you so much Bilal. I will continue to promote Bearshares.


      @dsatria I think we should target more countries now.. I see you are promoting in indonesia only?
      this platform is for everyone.


      The initial stage of promotion in Indonesia. Step by step next countries.